Stabila 35712 7-to-12 foot Expandable Plate Level

Stabila 35712 7-to-12 foot Expandable Plate Level

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  • Extendable spirit level with stable 3-chamber aluminium rectangular profile and fixed spacers to even out irregularities on objects.
  • Removable 1-5/8" stand-offs allow you to work around diagonal wall braces.
  • Fully sealed solid rail (six sided) extension eliminates deflection and delivers the smoothest extension movement available.
  • Stabila installation technology ensures long-term accuracy - measuring accuracy in normal position (retracted) is 0.5 mm/m ( 1/32inch over 72 inches) and 0.75 mm/m ( 3/64inch over 72 inches) in reverse position (retracted)
  • Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact.
  • Positioning scale on both sides of the extension pole for fast set-ups: : 9ft 1in, 10ft 1in, etc.
  • Accuracy guaranteed for life. Vials carry lifetime warranty.
  • Measurement accuracy in extended normal position 1 mm/m (1/8inch over 120 inches)
  • 1 horizontal vial, 2 vertical vials, 2 measuring surfaces, 2 finger-grip openings, telescopic support, and slip-on spacers.
  • Continuous bridge over the horizontal vial increases the stability of the profile.